Monday, March 18, 2019

Asymmetric breasts

Nobody is perfect. Most women have one breast slightly larger than the other. Asymmetric breasts are common phenomena. According to health experts, breast asymmetry affects more than half of all women. Female breasts are rarely absolutely the same size or volume and slight variations are common. Many women could notice breast asymmetry (slight discrepancies in breast size) – difference in volume, size, shape, density or position. In general, two sides of human body might be slightly different but breast asymmetry is usually more noticeable. Significant difference in size, position and/or shape between breasts is less common. While in most cases asymmetric breasts can be considered as normal, sometimes it could be a sign of some diseases.
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Anticancer – how survive cancer

When first time in your life you hear about cancer, you think it is end of your life. But it is not true. Human body has fighting capacities. Each cancer client should understand and confront cancer. There is very special surviving life after cancer. Just when cancer is diagnosed, life is totally changed. You should clearly understand how to survive. Each type of cancer has its own anticancer strategy. At the same time, many anticancer approaches are same for all kinds of cancer.
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Normal menstrual cycle

Normal menstrual cycle is a key for female health, reproduction and other important functions including sexual behavior, skin appearance, hormonal fluctuations, etc. Menstrual cycle can be different from woman to woman and it can change during different periods of life (puberty, reproduction- childbearing years, premenopause and menopause). Menstrual can vary in length, duration, regularity and side effects. The most important is regularity. Many women have 28 days menstrual cycle but any menstrual cycle between 23 – 35 days should be also considered as normal.
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