Monday, September 26, 2016

Sleep duration

Sleep is a normal essential part of our lives. Sleep duration is an important issue discussed by many scientists because healthy sleep has vital influence at health indicators.
Sleep duration is very important because body needs enough time for restoration, rejuvenation, muscles grow, reparation of tissues and synthesis of vital substances (hormones, enzymes). Our mood, energy and health depend on daily sleep duration and quality sleep.
Body regulates sleep duration in similar way as regulates eating, drinking and breathing.
How long we need to sleep? What is the optimal sleep duration?
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Missed pills

It is well known that birth control pills should be taken regularly every day (preferably before going to sleep), at the same time and pills should not be missed. But what if you accidentally missed your contraceptive pill? Could missed pills mean cancellation of contraception? What you should do and which kind of side effects you should expect?
Everything depends on which kind of contraceptive pills you are using, how many pills you missed and when exactly you missed the pill.
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Chocolate cyst

Chocolate cyst (endometrioma, endometrial cyst) is a type of ovarian cyst that affects women – actually it is ovarian endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition when endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus usually on the ovaries, Fallopian tubes or in the pelvis area.
Every month (during menstrual period) the endometrial tissue inside the cyst responds to monthly hormones – it bleeds and fills the interior of these cysts with not clotted dark blood. The terminology “chocolate cysts” came from the dark old blood that grossly resembles chocolate.
If chocolate cyst continues growing, it can become a part of ovary, replacing the normal tissue needed for regular menstrual cycles. Inflammation and irritation from chocolate cysts can spread to nearby organs in pelvic cavity. Endometrial cyst sizes could be different – starting from 1-2 cm (like grapes) and ending by 10-15 cm (softball size) in diameter.
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