Thursday, January 16, 2014

Women of all ages could suffer from oily skin with the blemishes and shine that go hand-in-hand with excess oil. In many cases oily skin starts at adolescent period and ends after puberty but some women struggle oily skin whole life. Women with face oily skin feel greasy and look shiny.
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If you have dry and rough-looking skin, you could have reduced production from sweat and oil glands, which can result in less natural oily lubrication of the skin. Dry skin could be also a result of decreased cell renewal.
In most cases the dry skin is uncomfortable and not attractive – rough, red and itchy with cracks and fissures in the skin.
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Keep your skin always clean – daily skin care should start from just cleaning your skin Never apply anything on your skin if skin is not perfectly clean.
Try to use minimum make-up and always remove your make-ups before going to bed.
Give your skin some relaxation and chance to breathe at least one day per week. If you are using make-up every day, choose one “free from make-up” day.
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