Monday, March 7, 2016

Birth control pills and cervical cancer
Birth control pills are one of the most effective and popular methods of modern contraception for women. The popularity of this method is based on high level of reliability and efficiency (up to 99%) as well as on simple use. Since the mid-eighties, when the contraceptive pills appeared on the market, they have become the most popular method of contraception. Of course, it was one of the most significant developments of the twentieth century in the field of medicine. Millions of unwanted pregnancies and abortions have been prevented. It is important to note that during last decade many studies were devoted to long-term results of using birth control pills. Several scientific publications described the influence of long-term use of birth control pills at women body. Very special attention was paid to increased risks of cancer development. Birth control pills and cervical cancer are the subject of a number of studies in different countries.
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